Technology at Saint Raphael School

At St. Raphael School, we have the desire to develop our students not only as learners, but as 21st century citizens. We strive to provide our students with a variety of devices in order to better prepare them for High School, College, and work in the modern world. 

We are a Google school.  Google Suite for Education (G-Suite) allows St. Raphael to create a "walled garden" of access for our students in Grade 3 through 8. Students will have access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites and Google Classroom. 

We strongly encourage our teachers to incorporate technology into their classrooms on a daily basis. In order to help them reach that goal, we have the following equipment available in each classroom:

  • An Interactive Whiteboard
  • A Ceiling Mounted Projector
  • An ELMO Document Camera
  • A Lightspeed Soundsystem and Microphones
  • Classroom iMac(s)


In addition to the classroom technologies, we are able to offer our teachers and students a variety of mobile and stationary options. We have several "Carts" each containing 30 devices, in addition to our stationary computer lab. Currently, we have the following devices avaialable for sign-out to our classrooms and teachers:

  • 120 Total Apple iPads 
  • 60 Total Apple Macbook Laptops 
  • 450 Google Chromebooks 
  • Live Streaming Broadcast News Camera and Software
  • Computer Lab
    • 30 iMac Stations
    • 2 3-D Printers
    • 7 Programmable Coding Robots
    • Programmable Lego STEM sets

We believe in providing our students with every chance to enhance their learning through the use of technology. We are constantly looking to expand our available devices and opportunities for our students. 


Technology Specialist: 

Mr. Colin Blayney
440.871.6760 ext. 118

Computer Education Teacher

Mr. Nathaniel Tosi
440.871.6760 ext. 113

STREAM Coordinator:

Ms. Ellen Skonce
440.871.6760 ext. 127