Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Bridget Lyons - Kindergarten, K1

B.S., Early Childhood & Intervention, University of Mount Union

Teaching since 2013, SRS beginning 2013

Ms. Lyons loves being a part of Girls on the Run at St. Raphael School.  She enjoys sharing her love of running with the students and teaching them how to be strong, positive young women.

Mrs. Paula Ritzler - Kindergarten, K2

M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, Cleveland State University

B.S., Education, Youngstown State University

Teaching since 1995, SRS beginning 2000

Mrs. Ritzler believes that the kindergarten classrooms are the happiest places in the entire school! She enjoys seeing her students smiling faces and love of learning!  Along with teaching, Mrs. Ritzler is active on School Advisory Council and is the LPDC representative for our teaching staff.

Mrs. Ellen Simoson - Kindergarten, K3

M.Ed., Middle Childhood Education, Ashland University

B.A., Elementary Education K-8

Teaching since 2003, SRS beginning 2007

Mrs. Simoson loves to share her Catholic faith with her students every day.  Watching her students learn how to read is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching to Mrs. Simoson.  She is thankful for the abundant resources available at Saint Raphael School.

Mrs. Mary Sak - 1st Grade, Room 1

M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, Bowling Green State University

B.A., Elementary (K-8) and Special Ed. (K-12), Mercyhurst University

Teaching since 1999, SRS beginning 2014

Mrs. Sak says "This is such an exciting time to be a part of Saint Raphael School!"  She is excited to watch our first graders grow in their academics, friendships, and relationships with Jesus.

Mrs. Wendy Pallotta - 1st Grade, Room 1A

M.Ed., Cleveland State University

ECE License, Cleveland State University

B.A., Communications, Grove City College, PA

Teaching since 2007, SRS beginning 2013

Mrs. Pallotta enjoys the relationships she forms with her students and parents.  She believes teaching is a partnership with parents and loves the connections she makes during the school year and beyond.

Miss Nicole Bender, 1st Grade, Room 1B

B.S., Early Childhood Education, Baldwin Wallace University

Teaching since 2014, SRS beginning 2014


Mrs. Bender's favorite part of being a teacher is helping the first graders learn more about Jesus through each subject.

Mrs. Jacquelyn Manfred - 2nd Grade, Room 2



Mrs. Natalie Palcko - 2nd Grade, Room 2A

M.Ed., Early Childhood Education, John Carroll University

B.S., Physical Education, Bowling Green State University

Teaching since 2007, SRS beginning 2007

As an SRS graduate and now teacher, Mrs. Palcko that states that SRS is, and has always been, her home. Seeing the students grow academically and spiritually in Christ makes the job fulfilling.

Mrs. Kimberly Lapinski - 2nd Grade, Room 2A

M.Ed., Cleveland State University

B.S., John Carroll University

Teaching since 2011, SRS beginning 2011

Mrs. Lapinski loves taking pictures of her students and using them for various projects throughout the school year.  She also loves seeing her "old" students pop in daily to say Hello and share their wonderful memories of their time in her classroom.

Mrs. Lisa Stenger - 2nd Grade, Room 2B



Mrs. Cathy Barrett - 3rd Grade, Room 3

B.S. Elementary Education, Cleveland State University

Teaching since 1993, SRS beginning 2001

Mrs. Barrett is proud of how each class becomes the Room 3 family where we show respect, compassion, and help each other grow in our faith.


Mrs. Lisa Karnatz - 3rd Gade, Room 3A

M.Ed., Reading Endorsement, Baldwin Walace College

B.S., Elementary Education, Special Education, University of Dayton

Teaching since 2001, SRS since 2006

Mrs. Karnatz is very happy to be back at SRS as a 3rd grade teacher.  She began her teaching experience here in the 5th grade.  Mrs. Karnatz has been an active member of the school as a parent volunteer and has helped with the school yearbook for the past 10 years.

Miss Maryanne Barko - 3rd Grade, Room 3B

B.A., Elementary Education, Notre Dame College of Ohio

Teaching since 1996, SRS since 2003

Ms. Barko is a dedicated educator who enjoys teaching the Catholic faith and bringing the love of Jesus into the hearts of her students.

Mrs. Debbie Kamola - 4th Grade, Room 4, Language Arts and Social Studies

M.Ed., Ciriculum and Instruction with Reading Endorsement, Ashland University

B.S., Education, Cleveland State University

Teaching since 1990, SRS beginning 1990

As the 4th Grade social studies teacher, Mrs. Kamola enjoys teaching the students facts about the great state of Ohio.

Mrs. Jennifer Sauto - 4th Grade, Room 4A, Reading and Religion

M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction with Reading Endorsement, Cleveland State University

B.S., Education, Ashland University

Teaching since 2000, SRS beginning 2005

Along with teaching, Mrs. Sauto is an active coach for the Girls on the Run program.  She also enjoys working with the Raiders Club during the week.  As an SRS graduate, and now teacher, Mrs. Sauto loves that SRS is a place that feels like home and instills a strong Christian character in each individual that passes through.

Mrs. Carla Licastro - 4th Grade, Room 4B, Math and Science

M.A., Educational Administration, Ursuline College

B.S., Education, Miami University

Teaching since 1999, SRS beginning 2012

In addition to teaching science and math, Mrs. Licastro  co-coaches the medal winning Science Olympiad Teams for the 4th, 5th and 6th grades.  She also assists with the 5th and 6th grade Math Competition Teams.  Mrs. Licastro appreciates the overwhelming student enthusiasm and parent support in for our academic extra curricular activities.

Mrs. Rachel Barry - 5th Grade, Room 5, Religion and Social Studies

M.Ed., John Carroll University

B.A., John Carroll Univerisity

Teaching since 1996, SRS beginning 2006

Mrs. Barry is involved with the National Geography Bee competition.  Mrs. Barry values our strong religious curricullum in and out of the classroom.  She appreciates Dr. Kereky, the St. Ignatian Retreat, and the Legion of Mary.  Mrs. Barry loves to support our staff through the Sunshine Committee.  She states "SRS has been a blessing to my children and will be for yours as well!"

Miss Shannon Welsh - 5th Grade, Room 5A, Reading and Language Arts

M.Ed., Literacy Education, Cleveland State University (current student)

B.S., Middle Childhood Education, Bowling Green State University

Teaching since 2008, SRS beginning 2009

Along with teaching, Miss Welsh is a coach for Girls on the Run, which is a program that promotes self-esteem and overall health for young girls. She enjoys sharing her love of reading and writing with her students, but what she enjoys the most is getting to know the wonderful people her students are.

Mrs. Michelle Wise - 5th Grade, Room 5B, Math and Science

Professional License, Bowling Green State University

Teaching since 1996, SRS beginning 2004

Mrs. Wise thoroughly enjoys teaching and making a difference in children's lives. In addition to teaching math, she is one of the coaches of the 5/6 grade math competition team. Mrs. Wise is also one of the coaches for Science Olympiad.

Mrs. Andrea Ruda - 6th Grade,Room 6 Science, English and Reading

M.Ed., Curricullum and Development, Ashland University

B.S., Education, Cleveland State University

Teaching since 1998, SRS beginning 1998

Over the years, encouraging students to observe and explore the world around them has been extremely rewarding to Mrs. Ruda. She has had the honor of accompanying many of our students to regional and state science fairs, where they have excelled!

Mrs. Laura Skonce - 6th Grade, Room 6A, Social Studies, Religion, and Reading

M. Ed., Ashland University

B.S Ed., The Ohio State University

Teaching since 1984, SRS 1988-1990, 1998-present

Mrs. Skonce moderates Classroom of Champions and Brain Brawl, which are academic contests in which our 7th and 8th graders participate. She feels blessed to be a part of the St. Raphael Family and loves keeping in touch with former students and hearing about their success in high school, college, and beyond. She has already started to teach the next generation, or what she calls her "grandstudents." 

Miss Amy Hoffmeister - 6th Grade, Room 6B, Math and Reading

M.Ed., Middle Childhood Education, The Ohio State University

B.S., Human Devolopment and Family Science, The Ohio State University

Teaching since 2013, SRS beginning 2014

Miss Hoffmeister feels blessed to be a part of the St. Raphael School community, and thanks the community for their warm welcome. Along with teaching, she islooking forward to assisting with Science Olympiad and the Student Liturgy committee.

Mrs. Lyndsey Moro - JR High, Room 7, Science

M.Ed., Teacher as Leader, University of Dayton

B.S., Middle Childhood Education, University of Dayton

Teaching since 2008, SRS beginning 2012

Mrs. Moro is involved in the Science Olympiad program and Science Fair at SRS.  She loves teaching here "because of the support from administration and the love from the students that she receives on a daily basis."

Ms. Meagan Brown - JR High, Room 7A, Religion & Health




Mr. Doug Devor - JR High, Room 7B, Social Studies



Mr. Ken Wolford - JR High, Room 8, Math 

B.S., Mathematics, The Ohio State University

Teaching Certification, Ashland University

Teaching since 2007; SRS beginning 2013

Mr. Wolford loves to see how the students help each other in class.  He is proud of their strong sense of community.

Ms. Leah Darkes - JR High, Room 8A, Spanish

Post-Graduate Degrees in Education and Spanish from Cleveland State University

B.A., French from Elon University

Teaching since 2013; SRS beginning 2015 

Ms. Darkes says, "Mexico is favorite place in the world because of the hardworking, kind people, the intense colors, and the incredible food."

Mrs. Kimberly Hirsch - JR High, Room 8B, Language Arts

M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, Cleveland State University

B.A., Education, University of Mount Union

Teaching since 2002, SRS beginning 2006

Mrs. Hirsch enjoys watching her students grow as readers and writers.  She is involved in Power of the Pen and Builders Club.