Volunteer at SRS

Standards for Ministries/Volunteer

Standards of Conduct for Ministry/Volunteers

Saint Raphael School is committed to maintaining a safe environment in our school. All parents and volunteers are asked to read the following information for the safety of our students. All employees and volunteers who have contact with students undergo thorough screening, including background checks through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification (BCI&I). For complete information on screening policies, see the revised Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse, section 1.2 (p.3) posted below. 

All volunteers and parents are asked to respect the right of others by not posting pictures of our students on personal social media sites.

Thank You

As the primary educator of your child, it is also important that you are involved in your child’s school. There are several ways that parents can contribute their time and talents. It is greatly appreciated by the faculty and staff that you are willing to volunteer. This page is meant as a guide to make you comfortable in your position and hopefully answer questions you may have about the task you have accepted. Saint Raphael School thanks you for sharing your gifts and time with our students.

Volunteer Guidelines

As a volunteer in the classroom, lunchroom or on a field trip, you are there to assist and provide services to the students under the guidance of faculty and staff. To ensure that you are able to perform the requested duties, we ask that volunteers not bring younger siblings and not use cell phones. When volunteering for your child’s class, you want to be able to give your full attention to your duties, and not be distracted by a younger sibling.

Volunteers are to sign in at the main office, leave car keys and wear the volunteer badge. Volunteers who volunteer on a regular basis are requested to be Virtus trained. Training is available here at St. Raphael Parish as well as at other parishes.


The volunteer will respect the privacy of the students, faculty, staff and clergy. What happens in our school or on school property stays at the school. Please do not discuss school business outside of the school or with other volunteers. A volunteer should not discuss a child’s progress with anyone or inquire into a child’s background.

Virtus Training

Anyone that volunteers more than 4 hours a month or more than once every month, must be Virtus Certified. Click here for a list of upcoming sessions in our area. Contact Terri Telepak at the Parish Office for more details.


Many opportunities exist for you to volunteer throughout the school year. Why should you volunteer? Saint Raphael Home & School is a parent run organization whose goals are to give support to school administration; provide a means for parents to become involved in the parish community through the school; to develop better communication between school and parents; and to give every child the best advantages in religious, mental, social and physical education. With your help, we make this possible!

Here are the different areas volunteers are needed:

Adopt A Family:

[November] Help purchase a Christmas gift from the class for someone in need using money earned and donated by students. Contact your room parent for more information.

Angel’s Workshop:

[Grades K-4: December] Assist children in the classroom making a Christmas gift for their parents. There is also usually a day or two of preparation of materials by volunteers before the in-class craft. Contact Katie Kelly at kelly2@saintraphaelparish.com for more information

Art Room:

Help the teacher & students during your child’s Art time. You may be asked to help children in class with projects, hand out or collect artwork, clean tools & supplies or generally come into contact with messy creative stuff so please dress accordingly. Your room parent will contact you to select which art days throughout the year you are available to help. Contact your room parent for more information.

Book Fair:

[November] Help students select and purchase books during your child's library time. 

A link will be provided when signups are available.

Donut Sales

Helping sell donuts after Mass on periodic dates throughout the school year.  Contact Laura Hummer at ladelong@gmail.com.

Drama Club

Assist in many areas with our Drama Club show production, ticket sales, etc.  Contact David Glowe at djglowe2@gmail.com or Katie Gerba gerba@saintraphaelparish.com  A link will be provided when signups are available.

Junior High Socials:

[Grades 7 & 8] Chaperones are needed for 2-3 social events throughout the year. Contact your room parent for more information.


[K-5 only] Help the teacher and students during your child’s library time to check-in, check-out and shelve books.  Your room parent will contact you to select which library days throughout the year you are available to help. Contact your room parent for more information.

Lunch Room

We are always looking for lunchroom volunteers! We need to fill 12 volunteer spots over 5 time slots, Kindergarten, Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6 and Junior High, every day. Volunteering is a great way to see your children during the day and it significantly increases the productivity in our classrooms.  Please consider donating some time as a regular volunteer or a substitute volunteer. Please contact Kelly Nash at srslunchvolunteer@gmail.com if you can help out.

Malachi Lunches:

[Grades K & 1: two volunteers per class each month] Help during your child’s class to make lunch for participants of the St. Malachi food program. Contact your room parent for more information.

Mardi Gras:

Mardi Gras is in February but there are many ways to help from November until the day of the event; raise funds, organize donated items, set-up and work carnival games, decorations or concessions, or any number of other activities. Contact Jessica Pecora at pecora@saintraphaelparish.com for more information.

A link will be provided when signups are available.

Mardi Gras Jr. High:

Mardi Gras Jr. High night is the Friday night before the all school Mardi Gras family fun day.  We need volunteers to help coordinate prized, concessions, games, etc. Contact Lia Orazio orazio@saintraphaelparish.com for more information.  A link will be provided when signups are available.

Ohio Day:

[Grade 4: May] A day-long celebration of our state with food, crafts, & games. Contact your room parent for more information.

Rock The Challenge:

Work with the Chairman of this event on the service projects, sponsorships, set up, release forms, supervision and the many other details that go into planning this great event.  Usually occurs in September. Contact Katie Zorc at portbird@aol.com. A link will be provided when signup are available.

Thanksgiving Feast:

[Grade 1: November] Prepare food for a Thanksgiving Feast or help children in class the day of the feast. Contact your room parent for more information.

Uniform Offering:

Help set-up and offer gently used uniforms and spirit wear. Sales occur 3 times per year. Contact Deirdre Konopka at dkonopka@gmail.com for more information.

8th Grade Graduation:

[Grade 8] There are many ways to help with Graduation [Memory Book, DVD, Baby Photo Contest, Class Party, Cedar Point Trip, Robes]. There is also a Graduation Luncheon committee that needs help with food, decorations, & entertainment. Contact Cathi Pfaff and Tammy Ardire at for more information. srsgrad2020@saintraphaelparish.com