Welcome to Our Primary Classrooms

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Room K1

Ms. Bridget Lyons

Room K2

Mrs. Paula Ritzler

Room K3

Ms. Janine DiPronio

Room 1

Mrs. Mary Sak

Room 1A

Ms. Hannah Dusek

Room 1B

Mrs. Rachael Brusky

Room 2

Mrs. Jacquelyn Manfred


Room 2A

Ms. Lauren O'Malley

Room 2B

Mrs. Lisa Stenger

Room 3

Mrs. Cathy Barrett

Room 3A

Mrs. Lisa Karnatz

Room 3B

Ms. Maryanne Barko



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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send treats on my child's birthday?

Please do not send treats to school on your child's birthday. No food allowed, but you can send in erasers or such with permission from teacher.

What is my child's bus number?

Please check with your local public school district for busing information.

How does the car rider line work?

Cars must enter from Dover Center Road using the north driveway and exit to Douglas Drive for arrival and dismissal.

What if my child has after school activities or is being dismissed differently than normal?

Please notify your child's teacher in writing of any transportation changes. Send the note with your child to school. Please refrain from making transportation changes in the middle of the school day. Teachers cannot check email throughout the day, so notify the school secretary if an emergency occurs.

How should I send various forms and money to school with my child?

Please use an envelope to send money and forms. Put your child's name and room number on the outside of the envelope.

What about Gym Clothes?

Kindergarten students can wear their gym clothes to school on their gym days. All other students must change for gym at school.

What kind of shoes should I buy my child for school?

Students in grades K-3 can wear black or white tennis shoes everyday.

How long should my grade K or 1 child wear the ID tag?

Please have your child where their ID tag for the first month of school. The ID tag helps us learn their dismissal method, name and room number.