Welcome to Our Intermediate Classrooms

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Room 4

Mrs. Debbie Kamola

Room 4A

Mrs. Jennifer Sauto

Room 4B

Ms. Kelley Worstell

Room 5

Mrs. Rachel Barry

Room 5A

Ms. Shannon Welsh

Room 5B

Mrs. Michelle Wise

Room 6

Mrs. Andrea Ruda

Room 6A

Mrs. Laura Skonce

Room 6B

Mrs. Amy Shell






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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send in treats on my child's birthday?

Please do not send treats to school on your child's birthday. No food allowed, but you can send in erasers or such with permission from teacher.

When can I request homework when my child is absent and when is it due?

If your child is absent, you can request homework after the second day. It will be available after school on the table outside Mrs. Murphy's office. Books will not be delivered to a sibling. Students get one day for each day absent to finish assignments.

How can I check my child's progress to see how well he or she is doing?

Log on to Edline.net often to check on your child's progress.

What is the dress code at Saint Raphael?

Please check the student handbook and website announcements for dress code requirements.

When can I expect an email response from my child's teacher?

Teachers are in front of the class most of the day, so they cannot always check email. Please give at least 24 hours for responses...much like you would give for phone calls.