School Advisory Council

The Mission of the Saint Raphael School Advisory Council (SAC) is to support and promote Catholic Identity and educational excellence through collaboration and communication with the school and parish administration and staff.  SAC acts as a focus group for ideas presented by all Saint Raphael School stakeholders. The role of SAC is to strategically dream forward the vision of Saint Raphael School in collaboration with the faculty, staff, administration, and school community.  Additionally, SAC effectively researches the ideas presented to the Council, reports back to the administration, and, where appropriate, takes action as requested by the school administration. SAC does not decide the policies and procedures of the school.  Members also act as liaisons between school parents and administration. 

Feel free to contact a council member or the administration directly. 


Current School Advisory Council Members are:

1.     Kristen Hargett (Click to email)

2.     Emilie Gannon

3.     Becky Perry

4.     Amy Steadman

5.     Laura Hummer

6.     Claire Kelley

7.     Katie Gerba

8.     Jennifer Dixon

9.     David Davala

10.   James Ross

11.   Roger Andrachik

12.   Ken Mitskavich

13.   Father Tim Gareau


To support Saint Raphael School, the focus of the Advisory Council for 2020 is:

  • Marketing and Retention

  • OCSAA (School Accreditation)

  • High School Relationships

  • New Family Relationships 

  • Alumni Relationships