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FACTS and PrePay Lunch Accounts

For the 2020-2021 school year and for the future we are merging lunch software with the Facts/Renweb systems. In the next year we hope to acheive complete integration into FACTS.  We appreciate your patience as we move to streamline our billing and student information systems.  You may pay online using your FACTS PrePay account.  This will NOT be an automatic draw on your tuition payment.  These payments will be made under PrePay and are completely separate from your tuition account.  Menus are available to print every month. No need to pre-order lunch, teachers will take lunch count when students arrive to school.

Please click here to read an important, but brief update on lunch procedures in 2020-2021

Accessing your Prepay Lunch Account

The FACTS Prepay Lunch is a summary of charges in batches for possibly more than one child and on more than one day. We will be moving to daily posting of charges in the next few weeks.  

1. Use your SRS tuition account login. If you do not have a FACTS tuition account, you must create one. Click here to create a new account. Your child can not purchase lunch without a FACTS account.

2. View Your PrePay Account.

3. Add Funds to Your PrePay Account. Please note, there is no fee for the Prepay system unless you use a credit card.  You may allow authorized access to your account to other family members by following these steps.

Viewing Each Child's Daily Lunch Purchases

You can use RenWeb to view each child's daily lunch purchases. Log in to ParentsWeb and click on Family, you will see Family Billing on the right. Click on Details to see your child's purchases.

Please contact Stacey Nye at with any questions.


Lunchroom Volunteers

We are always looking for lunchroom volunteers! We need to fill 12 volunteer spots over 5 time slots, Kindergarten, Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6 and Junior High, every day. Volunteering is a great way to see your children during the day and it significantly increases the productivity in our classrooms. Please consider donating some time as a regular volunteer or a substitute volunteer. Please contact Kelly Nash at if you can help out.

Click here for our current lunchroom volunteer schedule.

Lunch Periods

Grade Level


No. Volunteers

Kindergarten 11:10 am to 12:00 pm 3
Grades 1 & 2 11:40 am to 12:20 pm 3
Grades 3 & 4 12:05 pm to 12:45 pm 2
Grades 5 & 6 12:30 pm to 1:05 pm 2
Grades 7 & 8 1:05 pm to 1:40 pm 2