Saint Raphael School Staff Welcomes You



Rev. Timothy W. Gareau

Pastoral Vicar

Fr. Eric Garris




Mr. Ken Mitskavich

Assistant Principal

Mr. Roger Andrachik

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Jan Murphy

School Secretary

Mrs. Annie Ols

Grades 1 & 4 Aide

Mrs. Linda Fischer

Grades 2 & 7 Aide

Mrs. Cathy Gregg

Grades  3 & 6 Aide

Mrs. Molly Pietch


Grades 5 & 8 Aide

Mrs. Holly Welsh


Room K1 Aide

Mrs. Megan Berry

Room K2 Aide

Mrs. Kathleen Martin

Room K3 Aide

Mrs. Elizabeth Jankowski

Speech Therapist

Ms. Meredith Fitts

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Kathleen Payne

Intervention Specialist

Wilson Tutor

Mrs. Marueen Thorton

General Ed Tutor

Mrs. Margaret Szendrey

General Ed Tutor

Mrs. Kim Lapinski

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Tara McGlynn


Technology Specialist

Mr. Colin Blayney

Hot Lunch Program

Mrs. Stacey Nye

Psychology Services

Ms. Lorri Gottermeyer

School Nurse

Mrs. Paige Meade


Government Clerk

Mrs. Michelle Walsh


STREAM Coordinator

Miss Ellen Skonce


Health Aide

Ms. Shandi Wiemer



Ms. Adrianne Grand

Raiders Club Director

Mrs. Katie Gerba



Welcome to Saint Raphael Parish school.  We have a vibrant, welcoming, community of faith rooted in Christ and the Eucharist.  We invite you to explore our parish school web-site and pray that you are encouraged to join our community or be further engaged in it. May God bless and keep you.
-Father Tim