Blizzard Bags




During the COVID-19 Pandemic teachers will be providing students and parents with the work that needs to be completed, please do not complete your Blizzard Bag unless instructed to do so by your teacher.

Please select your child's grade and download their Blizzard Bag. Printing is recommended in case of a power outage.


Please Note: Specials are optional

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5 - Mrs. Barry

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Spanish 7th

Mrs. Woodward 7th


Spanish 8th

 Mrs. Woodward 8th


Mrs. Dylong 6th

Mrs. Dylong 7th

Mrs. Dylong 8th


Ms. Blatt - Speech Therapy

Ms. Blatt - Articulation







What is a Blizzard Bag?

Blizzard Bags are pre-made lessons and activities that allow students to work from home in the case of a school closing. St. Raphael School will notify you through ParentsWeb when a Blizzard Bag needs to be completed. Each teacher has contributed 3 days worth of activities and lessons for their grade level.

Are Blizzard Bags Mandatory?

Yes, in order for Saint Raphael's to include a day off as a school day, students are required to complete their Blizzard Bags. This prevents the school year from extending further into summer. 

When should I print my child's Blizzard Bag?

Please print your child's Blizzard Bag as soon as possible. In the case of inclement weather, power may be out and you may be unable to print. By printing ahead of time your child will have three days worth of work ready to go. 

Should I Print the entire file?

We recommend printing all 3 days at once. This way, in case of a power outage or inconvenience, you child has all three days ready to go. Printing the files and stashing them in a folder would best prepare you for a school closing.